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Worldwide, airports rely on their strategic alliances with fixed-base operators (FBOs) to offer vital and opulent services to charter flights and other aircraft that support the successful functioning of their businesses. FBOs are quickly replacing airports as the preferred air travel location for private flight crews and passengers, offering a wide range of services from fuel to passenger comforts to aircraft maintenance. Leading the asset protection sector, VPS is dedicated to assisting small airports in locating the best FBO options. Our blog on fixed-base operators (FBOs) contains all the information airports want on the services FBOs offer and how to work with the best one.

How Do FBOs Operate?

Have you ever travelled across the nation by car and stayed at one of those enormous truck stops with all the amenities? Similar services are offered by a fixed base operator, although they are targeted at pilots and other aviators rather than drivers.

Truly fixed base operations require approval and a leasing arrangement with the airport where they offer services to operate. They are now legally able to offer various aviation services to anyone utilizing that airport thanks to this agreement.

A fixed base operator may make flying simple, whether you require fuel, a location to park or store your aircraft, aircraft servicing, or a variety of other aviation services. When you choose to employ or use an FBO service, some considerations come into play. Before you take to the skies again, think about the services you require and locate your friendly fixed base operator.

John F. Kennedy International Airport

John F. Kennedy International Airport (JFK) is served by more than 70 airlines, many of which are international. JFK is the closest airport if you want to stay in eastern Queens or lower Brooklyn (anything below Williamsburg). Many choose to utilize the most well-known entrance to New York because of the bars, stores, and restaurants it offers.

JetBlue also has its headquarters at JFK. The airline has taken control of Terminal 5 (or T5) and decorated it in blue. A new international terminal will be added to the airport by 2030 as part of a $9.5 billion refurbishment project that is now underway.

If you’re taking public transportation to the airport, JFK is one of the simpler alternatives. You have a choice between two methods for entering the city.

The quickest option is to take the Air Train to Jamaica Station, where you may change to the LIRR. Service costs $7.75 and goes to Atlantic Avenue in Brooklyn or Penn Station in Manhattan.

The Air Train ($7.75) to the metro ($2.75 only) is the least expensive choice. You may board the E, J, and Z trains in Jamaica. Additionally, several shuttle and vehicle services provide transportation to and from JFK.
The only airport in New York City that provides flat-rate travel from any location in Manhattan is JFK. Without tolls or gratuities, passengers will spend $52 for each trip (or $56.50 during peak hours).

At JFK, you will meet your driver at the terminal’s arrival level. Look for rideshare pick-up signage as you exit arrivals or baggage claim for Terminals 1-4 and 7-8. You may exit on the arrivals or departures level of Terminal 5 and seek ridesharing signage.

Newark International Airport (EWR)

The first large airport to serve the thriving New York metropolitan area was Newark International Airport, which has a colorful history. It is on the Jersey side of the NYC Metropolitan Area, just over the Hudson River. Another noteworthy distinction that belongs to Newark International Airport is that it was the country’s first commercial airport to have a paved airstrip. Today, it is essential to meet the requirements of more than 30 million travelers annually.

Reasons Newark International Airport Is New York’s Second-Best Airport

  • Skytrax has rated Newark Airport as having a decent quality performance with acceptable product and service standards, giving it a 3-star grade. Although it only just misses the 4-star threshold, it nonetheless provides acceptable product quality throughout a range of travel accommodations.
  • Newark Airport, which is only 25 minutes west of Manhattan, is a great option for visitors who are staying in the city or elsewhere in the metropolitan region. Although it is not directly connected to the NYC subway system, people who prefer mass transportation may still easily get there thanks to the NJ transportation commuter train.
  • With flights to several sites for travelers’ convenience, Newark acts as a major international airport and a gateway to destinations all over the world.
  • There are several facilities available at Newark Airport, such as restaurants, shops, lounges, and on-site hotels. Along with the ease of free Wi-Fi connection, travelers may make use of these amenities.
  • In 2022, more than $13 billion will be spent on airport expansion projects all across the country, but Newark’s new terminal stands out as a substantial addition that will improve travelers’ experiences in general.

Potential Drawbacks

  • It’s crucial to recognize certain disadvantages in addition to the many benefits of Newark Airport.
  • In comparison to LaGuardia Airport transportation expenses, and taxi rates in particular, can be costly. Tolls and uncomfortable flight schedules owing to road congestion may also be included while travelling from Newark to Queens, Brooklyn, Manhattan, or the Bronx.
  • The worst record for flight delays in the US has been established for Newark. Less than 70% of flights in 2022 arrived on time, with more than 26.51% of flights experiencing delays.

LaGuardia Airport (LGA)

The underdog among New York City airports is LaGuardia. Although it is just around 8.5 miles from Manhattan, as opposed to 15 and 16 miles from JFK and Newark, it doesn’t seem that near and the NYC Taxi Lobby is solely to blame for it.

How do you go from LaGuardia to Brooklyn or Manhattan?

You have to take the subway, travel a few steps, change to a bus, and then hopefully get out at the appropriate terminal if you’re taking public transportation to go to LGA.

The main issue with travelling to LGA is that practically every terminal is receiving significant improvements.

How much does it cost to get from Brooklyn or Manhattan to LGA?

Depending on where in NYC you are, going to LGA costs a different amount. Fly into/out of LGA if you’re staying in Queens, Midtown, or Williamsburg.

If you’re on the bus, pay extra close attention to your terminal. The LGA is incredibly dispersed. There is no shuttle, tram, or other airport transportation between the terminals; it takes 15 minutes to walk there. You’re in for a schlepp if you have to switch terminals or if your terminal changes at the last minute.

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